Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hoosier Style Kitchen Cupboard

We've become "Auction Junkies"...the only thing that gets us through the week is knowing that come Friday night we are off to the auction. Most of the time we snag a treasure for the shop...a wool blanket perfect for hooking with, a jar of square nails, or perhaps a child size pressed back rocker. (OK!! So the rocker was a bad idea...who knew it had a gazzillion coats of enamel paint on it!!) Well, did we score BIG TIME on Friday night or what?! We beat out 3 other bidders to win this fantastic Hoosier style kitchen cupboard. It is a Knetchel Kitchen cupboard made in Hanover, Ontario. We believe it to be early 1930's art deco, but will do a little more research on it. It has some minor damage but we feel confident we can return it to its previous glory. As you can see it still has the flour sifter, spice rack, roll top, and all the original hinges and hardware.

Check back often to follow the restoration.

First job is to get it into the workshop and give it a good scrub so we can see what we are dealing with. Cheers, Jackie


Jenny said...

I love your shop. I would love to have one of my own...I may just have to have a little bit of prim along withmy alpaca art shop when I have my farm. I love the furniture pieces too! Thanks for viisting my site, BTW.

Trudy said...

Wow Terry,
I love your shop!! I am glad as can be that you are not right down the road from me, cause I wouldn't be able to resist a few pieces for my collection:)
I will put a link to your site on my must support our fellow hookers whenever we can:)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes...please put me on your blog :)

I didn't know that a red door has so man meanings...thank you for letting me know!

I just love the furniture in your store!!! The black one if my favorite...great job!!!

Did you know that the music on your playlist don't play very loud anymore? It was louder a few days ago...I enjoyed listening to the hallelujah song...I love that song...

hugs Ivonne

Annie said...

I cant wait to see what you do with this..I have a old Hoosier sitting in my breezeway just ....sitting family thinks it the ugliest thing but I love it..and would love to restore it. I will check back for updates on it!! Annie

Michelle said...

Terry and Jackie! Well done! Your site is fabulous and now the world can discover your talents which reflect not only our culture, but our history and values as well. I'm your number one fan! Amazing.


Anonymous said...

Hi-I just finished restoring a cupboard just like this one. I pulled it out of a building that was being burned down. Mine was in really bad shape but I was able to save most of the peices. I'm still on the lookout for a flour sifter and one hinge. I stripped mine down tot he bare wood, my husband had to replace the back of both pieces and the bottom of the base. Mine even had a cardboard insert on the inside of the flour door with information. Have fun.
Sherry Any idea where I can find a hinge or flour sifter?

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A View of Our Shop
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Another peek inside the shop.
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Old Kitchen Cupboard Finds New Life
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Another Make-do
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It's a good drying day Margaret!
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